Salone Health Care Corp Services/Affiliations
Education and Disease Prevention and Treatment


Poverty Prevention along with Institutions

Provide any Care Services needed
Enhance capacity Building and Economic Developement.
Sustainable Agriculture Development and Prevention
Low Cost Housing Development
Fund Raising and donation Distribution

Train and provide Medical equipment to Local Medical Practitioners and Team

Poverty Alleviation

        TaharQa Aleem


Geneva Anthony


Salone Health Care Corp, is working in Collaboration with TaharQa Aleem who is a surviving Co founder of "Hip Hop for Humanity."  HHFH is a non-profit organization dedicated to insure those in need get necessary support/assistance to make the world a better place while making meaningful relationships worldwide.  HHFH is a registered signatory member in the United Nations Global Compact at To visit HHFH website click & Support GoFundMe by clicking picture below.